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* Jr. Preschool:
$16 Half Day 8:30a-12p

$26 School Day 8:30a-3:30p

$36 Full Day 7a-5p
$5 Early Bird 7a-8:30a
​$4 Extended DAy 5p-6p

​* 10% Sibling Discount applies to all older siblings (excluding Summer Day Camp)

* Preschool:
$26 School Day 8:30a-3:30p
(FREE to GSRP eligible families)
$5 Early Bird 7a-8:30a 
$5 Fireflies 3:30p-5p
​$4 Extended Day 5p-6p

No openings :(

* OAKids:
$2 Bus Stop Club 7am
​$16 Half Day 12p-5p 
$32 Full Day 7a-5p
$4 Extended Day 5p-6p
​$6 After School
Summer Day Camp TBD

Daily Enrollment Options

2 by Sept. 1st:  Your older toddler is ready for a bit more activity, excitement, and our Tot's program!  A flexible but structured daily routine forms the backdrop for engaging play areas, group times, choices, and opportunities to cooperate provided in just the right size doses as children practice key developmental skills including potty training.



​*  Infants, Toddlers, Tots: 
$45 Full Day 7a-5p Infants 
$38 Full 7a-5p Toddlers/Tots 
$21 Half Day 7a-12p or 12p-5p 
​$4 Extended Day 5p-6p  

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Ludington, Michigan

All Programs Include/Provide:
  • Qualified teaching teams 
  • Anti-bias enviornments
  • Family style meals
  • Wholesome nutrition
  • Teaching Strategies' Creative Curriculum
  • Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds

  • Child-centered planning
  • Open-ended materials
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practices
  • Allergen-aware policies
  • Positive behavior supports
  • Family involvement opportunities


Kindergarten - 5th Grade:  OAKids after school program offers a snack and kid-planned clubs based on enrolled children's interests and needs.  OAKids Day Camps run when school is closed/canceled and during winter, spring, and summer breaks.  Our summer Camp Mikinok program provides enrichment and lots of fun when school is out!

4 by Sept 1st:  Your child will spend the year before Kindergarten celebrating the wonders of childhood in our Preschool program.  Play-based learning, exploration, and meaningful interactions with teachers and peers will support each individual child's unique development.
GSRP (free preschool) may be available for families who qualify. 

Jr. Preschool

3 by Sept. 1st:  Guided by an engaging play-based curriculum, potty trained 3-year-olds spend their days exploring, discovering, and growing into preschoolers!  With lots of opportunities to create, discuss, sing, dance, and make friends, Jr. Preschoolers explore and learn together in fun and enriching ways.

1 by Sept 1st:  As your baby becomes confidently mobile and ready for more active play, the toddler room is the place to be!  We discover new cognitive, motor, social, and language skills.  Toddlers spend lots of time outdoors using their energy to power play and exploration.

Babies younger than 1 on September 1st:  Loving relationships form the foundation of our infant care program.  Low staff-to-child ratios and small group sizes (1 adult for every 4 babies) allow caregivers to respond to infants' individual needs and schedules.  There are exciting new things to see and explore every day in our classroom and outdoor play area.