The Oaktree Un-Waitlist

We try our very best to provide child care to every family who needs us!  While our classrooms are full we are happy to accept enrollment requests and watch for the right spot to open up for families who need care.

We have six classrooms at Oaktree.  Here is how enrollment breaks down by daily spots:
Infants:  8 spots
Toddlers:  8 spots
Tots:  8 fall/winter spots, 12 spring/summer spots

Jr. Preschool:  16 spots
Preschool:  16 spots
School Age:  18 after school/no school spots, 24 summer spots

There are many factors at play when we are attempting to match a family's child care needs with a potential open spot.  Children of employees and siblings of current students are enrolled first.  It is often very difficult to fit new sibling groups in as it is rare that matching spots would open up in multiple classrooms.  When a part-time spot opens up (two-four days per week), the days available may not match up to the days needed by waiting families.  

This is why we don't have a traditional wait list, there is no order assigned to children, and no family is next in line for a spot.  We are watching very closely for the right factors to match up with ages/classroom/schedule/start date of each family who has submitted a request. As we work things out, it is very rarely possible to estimate how long the wait will be.

It is our goal to fit everyone in who wants to join our Oaktree family!  We are working on this goal every single day and will be in touch with you if and when we can make it happen.  

We accept enrollment requests online via this form.  Thank you for your patience!  

Ludington, Michigan

Oaktree classrooms are full this year,
​but let's see what we can do!